CHRIST AGONY – “Legacy” (2016)

Teksty: Cezary Augustynowicz
Tłumaczenie: Fabian Filiks

1. Conjuration

Messenger of the All-Knowing
And venomous rapture!
Messenger of Sin, Suffering and Cries
Enthroned be on the Throne of Bones
And spill your blood, Lady
To Reign the Night and Day!
Messenger of Universe
And all the Stars
Your throne in blood – awaits!
Give your light to the infidels
And conquer the world above worlds…
Mother of Silence!!!
Summon the wolves and their claws
Let the Night burn again
Let the Crowned Father
Be brought back from Times Bygone
And resurrect the courageous blood…
I summon you, Demons of the Night
Arrive in glory and degradation!
I summon you, Hell’s Angels
Arrive before the bloody dawn!
Your legacy is my inspiration!
The heritage of Night and obsession of Day
For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory
For ever and ever… a dream!

2. Sigillum Diaboli

Awakened by the Wind
And bloody Sunrise
With a reflection of the Southern Light
Where the Mighty Moon
Indicates to the Mist
The Rite of Conception
The Rite of Passage
Initiation !

Hail Leviathan !!!
Hail Belial !!!
Hail Kaos !!!
Hail Satan !!!

Spread your legs, O Mighty Star !
Accept the seed of your Progeny !
To illuminate the old Sky !
Let it Burn !!! Let it Fall !!!
Let it be reborn !!!

Let the New Order bring people to the stars !
Let the Abyss of the Omnipotence
Bring them all to you !!!

Accept in your womb the legacy of Sin,
Your Heir and your King – bathed in Blood
From all the Children of Sirius …

Oh Blessed Venus !
Oh The Highest One !!!
Oh the Brightest One !!!

Burn the burden to the ashes …
The priests scatter remains of the Dead
Upon the Ocean of Sorrow and Oblivion …

This is the Seal of the Devil !
This is the Devil’s Mark !

Hail, oh Mother of the Stars
Hail !
Behold as the Seal of the Black Flame
Shall be opened…

3. Seal ov the Black Flame

At the threshold of New Aeon
The Black Hermit of the North awaits
Stained by Wind and Eternal Shadow
Clenching the stars in fists
The Seal of the Black Flame!
Raise your chalice of blood
And let joy overcome your weakness
Let your words be the words of a King
And let them be worthy
Enclothed in the Crimson of Authority…
Raise your head
to the Great Star
Let it be the indescribable delight
Of your eyes
Drink blood and spill blood
On the womb of your star!!!
Showing the way to the chosen Ones
Become! Fear not for your life
As death is only the beginning…
At the threshold of New Aeon
The black hermit of the North awaits
Stained by Wind and Eternal Shadow
Clenching the stars in fists
The Seal of the Black Flame!

4. Black Blood ov the Universe

Queen of the Night – Mother of Stars
Enlightening the Unconquerable Trail
Sky is full – circles astray
Falling Stars and mist
Signifying the Coming of the Dead …

Queen of the Night – Mother of the Universe
You enlightened the undisturbed peace
Bestowing kisses to the Wight
How bloody and delightful they are …
How lustful and immaculately clean …

Queen of the Night – Mother of the Dead
With Demigods and Demons
Bring closer to the unbelievers
The meaning of Creation and Destruction …
The Black Blood of Your Circle
That spills on us All !

I pledge my Kiss on your bleeding feet
Gazing In pain upon the dying Word
The blond In my veins melts the anger …
Rejoiced I AM with the coming of New Age !

Queen of the Night – I Summon Thee !!!
Lady of Darkness – I Summon Thee !!!
Ultimate Witch – I Summon Thee !!!
Queen of Beauty – I Summon Thee !!!

5. Devil Worship

Oh, Lady of the Dark Waters
Mistress of the Black Ocean
Oh, Lady of the Dark Waters
I summon thee!!!
Kingdom of Stars lying in ruins
To rise again in the dream of the dead!!!
You are one of them, fearless and shadowless
On road to perdition…
Oh, Lady of the Red Wind
Mistress of the Dark Waters
You are the Beginning and The End
Alpha & Omega!!!
You give us the Law and break it
With infinite freedom you breath
Storm and Fire!!!
The calm breath of the Universe
And firestorm…
A fierce Serpent
And fiery Dragon!!!

6. Coronation

The time has come, in which we all
Shall put our heads on a spike
Born from man’s hatred!
The time has come, in which we all
Shall put words into actions
The time has come, in which we all
Shall resurrect in our flesh
The original sin in an unnamed scream…
The time has come, in which silence
Shall reign during the Enchanting Sleep
The time has come, unknown, longing to become…
Making us only a faint reflection of ourselves
Only able to understand the final Ritual…
And let the virgin blood on the hands of the dead
Be turned into wine on the Equinox…
I summon you, Beautiful Creatures
To breed rebellion and All-Knowledge!!!

7. Legacy ov Sin & Blood

Oh, Firstborn Son –
Stained by sanctity! Indeed! Ay?
Oh, Firstborn Son –
Why blood covers us all
From the day we are born…
Is holy he,
Who is not defiled by perpetration?
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
With wretched lips
Summoned by man!
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
You bring me not only Delight
But the Free Will to Fight…
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
Heir of Stars!
At the throne of the All-Mothers
You shall sit in Crimson!!!
Oh, Eternally Young!
You carry the Mystical Burden
From the Long Forgotten Time
Kingdom of Magnitude flooded by blood
Shall rise again, conceived in ritual, once more…
Jewel in the Crown
Heavenly throne!!!
Star of the Undead
Follows the path of us all, mortals…
Beyond the Nothingness I shall find myself
Beyond the Grimace of Face and Flesh…
My eyes sparkling bright
Inflaming the Mystical Fire
The One and only
Mysterious sign
The transmigration of astral phases
And living through only Death
Opening the New Gates…

8. Dziedzictwo

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