DEMOLITION – “Among the Ruins” (2024)

1. Among the Ruins

Alas! Gates of oblivion are wide open
Blood flows from the wretched womb
And as I lay bare among the ruins
The dying world is my tomb

The Seal has been broken
The Covenant no more
The age of the Fallen
The desolation of war

Sheol! I long for your embrace
Comforted with unfathomed darkness
The last pariah laid to waste

And before I give my final breath
Anoint my broken body
With the comforting stench of death

Man is only a vague memory
All that we were is now gone
Only dirt, ashes and dust
Remain, the rest is undone

The Void is now open
The End has begun
The age of the Broken
The World is undone

Gehenna! Suspended between time and space
Trapped forever in purgatory
Without the soothing touch of grace.

And after I finally confess
Without remorse
I’ll dissolve into nothingness

Into nothingness…

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