CHRIST AGONY – “Nocturn” (2011)

Teksty: Cezary Augustynowicz
Tłumaczenie: Fabian Filiks

1. Opus Sacrum / Reign Of Chaos


Waiting still in hankering

May our mouths be filled with praise
As we’re sailing through the skies
With your name, Xul we embrance
The chaos that’s born in Hell

2. Frozen Path Unholy Fire

From the deeps I carry away my soul
To know the beauty and the spell
That heavenly kingdom is only for those
Few angels that we cast away
From the deeps I call out for my soul
Lost for humanity, lost for the world…

Drink my blood and get rid of guilt
And those distant land from my dreams
Where I stood, the altar of filth
Drink the blood form the fountain
So I may feel hatered again
Hatered, the first misterss of the death

And so I call out from the abyss
Hear my secret request
I live at the banks of humanity
Feeling the disgust and your sweet rot

There is a storm
Inside red eyes of thruth
Fiery sparkles and glows
The only light within
Thousand stars…

O Lord of a Thousand Names
It’s nocturn
The abyss is called Hell
Like Sheol is called a tomb…
And when the first is out – your light
Lives on in the dark…

O Lord of the Abyss!
Black blood in the universe – art Thou
A secret circles of stars – art Thou
Marked among them – art Thou
Master of death and chaos – art Thou

3. The Stigma Of Hell

In the bay if dormant wind
I summon those who know
In the glow of red dwarf
I summon those who dream

This place is not for us
Nor is the house of lies
The one which will unite – in pain
His seal is made of blood

Carve your symbol
Dancing with your lover – night
Mark your stigma with layers of sin
The stigma of Hell

O Lord of the Night
At your command
The world will ignite…

Be my penance until the end
My enchanted nocturn
Be my art and flame
And take me away
Deep into the night…

4. Silent Gods Of Darkness

In the name of the king, the shadow I invoke
In the name of the king, I call for the wind
In the name of the king, I summon the fog

Come to us, the Priest of Now Silent Gods
The Priest of Forgotten Rituals
Let your fire light up the darkness
Helping us to uncover the treasures
At the bottom of the boundless sea
On the desert coast and on the land

I call for the wind, oh glorious beast
I summon the storm, oh glorious beast
You lift up the sorrow of eternity
Amidst the rain and Thy many names

Oh Lord…
Send us the light of God’s existence
That in each of us has its root
Xul is the deed, Xul is the thought
Thus, this makes the one
Which is great and before us
He poenes the gates…
Xul is the deed, Xul is the thought…

I recall you to this land of beauty
I recall you to the gates of the ancient ones
Holding in his hand the ritual stone
Powered by winds
Four elements
And thus I dispere the clouds…

5. Demonicon Illuminati

That night you were indescribably beautyful
O messanger of my suffering
In pain we rest with the night
And the luminosity…
That night you were my torch
Which eternal blaze
Brought all the demons to me…

Priestess of the night
Latern of the morning star
The crown of death is on your head
Illuminating path for the mad
Of damnation and sin…
And when the sun will rise
Never fear again
Defiance and pain, it’s who I am…
Like the dark that has it’s profundity
So I call the primitive rights
You shall not have strange gods before me
And forfeit the syndrom of pulchritude
Giving yourself mto the impulse…

6. Black Star Falling

O lord of the abyss!
In your hands the essence of sin
Six curses of the one
United by blood
Of the pentagrm…

O lord of the night
At your command
The world will ignite…
O lord of the mist
Cold path we follow
Through nothingness of the universe
Where is nothing left to see
And nothing left to feel
Nothingness drives my will

Descending from the pillar
Descending form the sky – adamant!
And his name is meaningful again
Spreading wings
Over omnipresent being
His existence
A perceptible meaning of nightmare
Sensual, sexual, devilish

That’s where my house stands
Among the flames
Within the deep
Ocean of murk
Black star falling
As the dark eternity is born in emptiness
Take me away…
And bring the latter days
Get me out of here!
And carry me over eternity
Humanity stinks of fear and carrion…
Oh Satan!
Opening my eyes at night
The starry Heaven above me
Oh Satan!
The world is infatuated in your fire…

7. Flames Of Several Suns

Tremblingare the flames of several suns
Over your head
When there is only the light of the fallen angels
I’ve seen the outline of the shadow, the outline of the darkness
Signature in my hand
Like a seal opening the gates of the beast
There I am, and in my mind I follow
The bounding ties to the ultimate blackness…

And here you stand in front of the fire
Sunken in the thoughts of the universe
You’re the only one!
Red dwarf shines
And in the eye of the dragon it clothes with scarlet
And shouts toward the sun unspoken words

Sadness inspires with fire
The covernant has spellbound us with the light
As you recall the truth of the centuries
Living still in the thoughts of ye old ones…

Above him the horizon spreading wings
With lips so close like a brother…
Over the waters of grief
Move my soul and burning flesh
To find a home and comfort
Over the waters of sorrow
Let delightfully swinging memory
Reject it’s mind from the world…
Over the waters of sadness
Where love is the only law
There’s my refuge and my home
Like a castle guarded by the wolves…
Where only the dragon’s eye can reach
The real one has seen it all…

8. Opus Profanum / Fields Of Inferno

Within the profundity of chaos
No stars and no sun,
Only hatered lets God spread his wings…

O ye almighty dragon
And all-powerful lord
Black star on the firmament of Hell
Show us the way…

Although the path is cold
So dark, and so cold
It’s nothing against him
Nor truth
Nothing against nothingness…

You’re the eternal flame
You’re the celestial key
You’re in the sea of fire
Opened are the gates of the universe…

Welcome, o ye eternal fire
Flame of the lost souls
Travelling through forgotten worlds
Welcome, o ye flame of hatered
So pristine, and so beautiful…

Step into the eternal fire
And indulge yourself with its charm
And so the human corpse may collapse
In the burning churches’ walls
Undisturbed, like death
In the abyss of the stars

Like a flower – o ye holy hatered
Bloody within the black womb
O saint blood, so black
So full, so defiant
Like a flower dark, from the lips
Extracting the beauty of the night…

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