ZORORMR – “The Monolith” (2023)

1. The Monolith

Behold the great collapse
Of the threefold World
The final spectacle of the dying stars
And as the silhouette of doom unfolds
I inhale this emptiness
And exhale the gift of life
Barren and cold.

As above, so below
The bell of immolation calls!

The lips of wisdom are closed,
Except to the ears of Understanding.

The sins of fathers are exposed,
Repent shall the sons of Amon.

Words fail me, but there’s only
A vague promise that after death,
We transcend beyond
The sacred laws of gods and man.

In the whirlpool of madness,
I’m trapped forevermore
Undying and soulless.
But I have accepted
That the void is my home
I dwell in indifference.

And amidst all that, echoes
My long forgotten past
With the naive bliss of darkness
Nevertheless, I’m destined to walk
The slippery steps
Of the downward spiral
At last…

I am the Monolith!

2. Downward Spiral

Let me embrace solitude
A suitable raiment
For my mind and flesh!

As they depart and I descend
The downward spiral
Again and again.

Without remorse or regret,
In a suspended state
Between life and death

Wading in my own blood and tears
As my life slowly slips away
Fading into obscurity
Without comfort nor without pain

A broken man in a dying world
My story remains untold

No! Let me out! Clean my wounds
And bathe my tired body in Styx

Love, what a vague promise
It was to believe. A perfect lie!
Unforgiven mistakes. A dream
Of spring and serenity.

Isolation, without any bliss.
And remembrance of things past
They’re just shackles on my soul
Stains on a life lived amiss.

Nevermore will I yield to the Fallen.
Nor God, nor Man.
Alone I shall ascend…

3. Hollow

…And so I drift across the stars
Beyond the threshold of reality
To where the Midgard Serpent gnaws
The old, celestial roots of Yggdrasil.

For am I not the Chosen One?
Son of El? The promised saviour?
Or maybe a bitter old man,
Attired in all his frail splendor?

Would you share with me a tainted life?
Would you endure immortality?
Would you soothe me and my troubled mind?
Would you hold my hand and let me die?

Never! You can’t escape your fate
Destined for greatness of shallow
There’s nothing more to life than pain
Remember this: we’re all hollow…

Would you accept me if I’m flawed?
Would you make me acknowledge god?

The Ascension. The Descent.
The Beginning and the End.

…And yet I roam the lifeless earth
Without hope, chance for salvation,
Or even a promise of death.
Trammeled with fear and obsession.

I’m the Man in the Iron Mask
Prometheus Bound! Tantalus!
Alas, you turned my world to ash
But I still reign in Tartarus!

I am Hollow!

4. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

I have no mouth, and I must scream
As I haze in an endless loop

A shapeless form trapped in a dream
Of Hell. Delirious and afraid.

I think, therefore I am! Atone
As I gaze deep into the night

And I explore the far beyond
Of experience. Dark and the Light.

Now I’m becoming one with the menace.
A bodiless horror. A lifeless shell.

Save me! Before I relinquish the truth.
And dissolve in the silhouette of doom.

No, Father. I lack for nothing more.
With shadows and colors I’m adorned.

I adapt to the Great Unknown
As the manipulation ends

And I still live a life forlorn
Of death. Ruling over ashes.

When I die, please remember me,
I had no mouth, but I have screamed!!!

5. The Pentagram

In my darkest hour,
Before the red maggots
Feast on my flesh,
Before I’m devoured,
Please carve in my body
The pentagram!

Let your knife kiss my skin!

Lick the blood from my wounds
In the name of Moloch! Conjure up
The ghosts of the past. Croon
Your litany, as slowly I rot!

Let my heart fill with sin!

Nothing is left undone
Enslaved under the five pointed star
Hidden deep within
One True self, God?
So close and yet so far…

6. Return to Nothingness

Is it true that we are becoming,
From being through nothing?
Like the Hegelian Absolute…
So why the hopeless mourning,
When our spirits should be roaming
Unconditional… Self-knowing!

Maybe we’re just destined to fail?
Condemned and forever estranged?
From God…

If so, what is really left?
To relinquish your soul and flesh?!

Withstand the fall of time,
Take refuge in the Lord
Or endure the collapse of mind,
Transcend beyond
The door of perception into reality
Of comprehension,
The fallen kingdom of dreams

Walk down the slippery stairs
Of deeper slumber
In the Cavern of Flame.
And Find the hidden answer

Return to nothingness, again,
Set your mind free
From dissolution!

7. Per aspera, ad astra

…Through hardships to the stars!
Noxious lies carved in heart
A faceless ghoul, phantasm
A soul faithful depart

I roam the astral planes
I dwell on my past desires
I ascend to heaven’s fame
I descend baptized in fire

Sometimes in the dead of night
You mesmerize my soul
And we slowly drift apart
Into nothing, blind fall…

Rise! High above all superstitions,
What if there are no rewards for torment?
What if we are meant only to forget
The truth, and indulge in a false vision?

Lies, artifice, deception, deceit,
Hypocrisy! Rewind, and repeat!

My only dream is escape
Like Prometheus unbound
Alas, I can’t break the chains
Heavy burden of the crown

You shackle my soul, I yield
You make the rules, I adhere
You break my body, I kneel
You set me free, I disappear

Per aspera ad astra!
Per aspera ad astra!
Per aspera ad astra!
Per aspera ad astra!

8. Enter the Void

Conquest, war, famine and death!
They bring comfort in my sorrows.

For a man who’s impure in the heart
And doesn’t speak in prayer by night…

I refuse to drown in oblivion,
Among broken dreams,
Delusions of grandeur

Exegi monumentum aere perennius!
I’m the monolith!

And with my head held high
I’ll enter the Void…

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